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There are many reasons why individuals, organisations, companies and Government agencies want to secure the long-term protection of our shared unique natural heritage on private land.  Many of the world’s most important places for biodiversity (and geodiversity) remain outside formal protected areas and their long term protection is vital in the effort to address the world’s biodiversity crisis and maintain our unique species.  Long term cost effective protection requires smart design, planning, strategic investment, use of the right protection tools and targeted management. 

Over the last six years Mike has been intimately involved in supporting private land protection as part of New Zealand and international efforts.  This has included as CEO of the QEII National Trust with oversight over New Zealand’s 4,500 protected covenants on private land, coordinator of the Queen’s Commonwealth Forest Canopy protection programme, and as part of an international expert group under the umbrella of the  International Union for the Conservation of Nature and World Commission on Protected Areas that has developed Best Practice for private land protections.

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Southern Falcon is available to support individuals and businesses with private land conservation initiative.

Domestically this includes working with you on 

  • Developing the strategy, design and protection and enhancement of key natural areas
  • Coordinating management and stewardship of those areas
  • Working with other agencies to secure community support for your conservation initiative.
  • Working with Councils to develop programmes to support private land protection programmes

Internationally Southern Falcon is available to support Government’s with:

  •  the establishment, review and enhancement of private land conservation programmes 
  •  the implementation of International best practice. 

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These services will be of interest to: philanthropists, small businesses, farmers, forester, lifestyle block owners, environmental groups, councils, government agencies and others that care about the environment in which they operate and who want to protect or enhance  a natural heritage legacy for future generations.

Contact Southern Falcon to discuss how we can support private land protection plans.