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Small to medium organisations may sometimes need an experienced interim leader to step in at short notice to fill a key vacancy in the short term that has arisen for a range of reasons (restructuring, sabbaticals, maternity leave, performance, illness or other reasons). 

Mike established an excellent reputation as the Chief Executive of The QEII National Trust working closely with a Board to modernise and improve the operational, financial performance and reputation of this statutory body.  He also has over 20 years of experience leading large directorates of policy and operational staff in the public sector across a range of Government agencies. He is well positioned to step in at short notice to provide a safe an experienced pair of hands in executive leadership /management / team leadership roles to stabilize organisations and maintain or improve business performance while new leadership is secured.

Mike was charged with transitioning the Trust from a small organisation to a middle-sized business with modern systems, communications, and structures while still retaining the core strengths of landowner respect and support, trust and integrity, and expertise and efficiency. 

Mike was quick to re-establish wider cooperation and communication with government departments, NGO’s, local bodies and with the Trust’s own covenantor base. 

He implemented new organisational structures for the Wellington office, reviewed the regional representatives contacts and remuneration and in conjunction with the board established an evolving five-year strategic plan. He implemented efficiencies in covenanting processes and governance procedures and developed an inclusive senior management culture that allowed the Trust board to focus more on policy and strategy than in the past.

Mike implemented changes to the Trust’s financial recording and reporting systems which, together with a well-managed investment fund, have minimised financial risk for the organisation.”

James Guild (Chairman of the QEII National Trust)

“You have contributed a huge amount to lifting QEII’s profile and credibility and making it a much more trusted and effective organisation over the last six years. It is hard to remember how poorly regarded the organisation was in many quarters and the breakdown in a number of critical relationships when you took over. You have been a major part in restoring all of those and from what I have seen the Trust is now in very good heart. So congratulations and very well done on your six years of leadership.”

Hon. Eugenie Sage (Minister of Conservation)

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Southern Falcon is available at short notice to work with Boards, central and local Government agencies to provide a safe and supportive interim executive management / leadership services in the arising from illness, restructuring, or for other reasons.

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These services will be of interest too: central and local government agencies and in the not for profit and small business sector. 

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