Stakeholder Engagement

Consultation Support

Central and Local Government agencies, corporations, agribusinesses, and other groups often need to consult, engage with and/or influencer key stakeholders and communities including Iwi and Hapu.  

Mike has considerable experience in running and leading consultations/hui on significant issues on behalf of Ministers and joint government agencies. This has included leading major consultation rounds on topics as diverse as climate change and water policy, fertiliser industry best practice, research priorities, indigenous forest policy etc.  This has given him a lot of experience in what works and what doesn’t.  

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Southern Falcon is available to work with you to support your needs to engage your community of interest either through formal consultation process or bringing your stakeholders onside. 

This includes project planning, design, advertising, social media, event management, online consultation and everything in between.

Engagement and coordination with:

  • Councils
  • Technical experts
  • Local community groups, NGOs and individuals
  • Iwi/hapū
  • Statutory and Non-statutory Stakeholders

Internationally Southern Falcon is available to support Government’s with:

  •  the establishment, review and enhancement of private land conservation programmes 
  •  the implementation of International best practice. 

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These services will be of interest to: philanthropists, small businesses, farmers, forester, lifestyle block owners, environmental groups, councils, government agencies and others that care about the environment in which they operate and who want to protect or enhance  a natural heritage legacy for future generations.

Contact Southern Falcon to discuss how we can support private land protection plans.