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In the face of the major environmental challenges that the world faces including the challenge of climate change and our biodiversity crisis and the pressure on our freshwater resources, customers, stakeholders, shareholders and central and local regulators are increasingly expecting businesses to embrace sustainability and to demonstrate their environmental credentials. Every business can build a sustainability strategy and implement sustainable practices to improve outcomes and create a sustainable business, This doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive but it needs to be smart and tailored to the needs of your business.

Building a culture of sustainability will empower and inspire your people, improve the longevity of your business, community support and help make your product or service more appealing to your customers. Best of all you will be contributing to making Aotearoa-New Zealand and the planet a better place to live now and in the future.

During his career Mike has focused extensively on how the primary sectors and other rural businesses can improve their environmental performance and respond to the sustainability challenges in front of them.  This has included extensive work on sustainable land use initiatives, climate change friendly practices, water use efficiency and water quality improvement, fertilizer best practice, climate change policy and carbon trading, land use planning and biodiversity protection on private land. 

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Southern Falcon is available to support you and your business to improve its sustainability practices and to demonstrate this to key stakeholders (customers, shareholders, tangata whenua, community interests and regulators). This can include assisting you to:

  • work with your business to understand sustainability and to improve your sustainability practice and provide tailored sustainability advice to your business in regards (environmental footprinting, climate change responsiveness, carbon neutrality, biodiversity protection and water use) 
  • help you define the level of ambition and unique sustainability direction
  • develop a sustainability strategy, principles and goals to achieve the best outcome for your business
  • support you in achieving sustainability certification domestically or internationally
  • support sustainability reporting for your business 
  • develop an Environmental Farm Plans to help your farm become a leader in sustainable practice and satisfy regulators and the community

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These services will be of interest to: small businesses, farmers, forester, horticulturalists, councils, government agencies and others who care about the environment in which they operate.

Contact Southern Falcon to discuss how we can support your sustainable business needs.